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Individual Client Testimonials

Brunner Communications’ individual clients come from all sectors of the population: business executives and managers, certified financial planners, financial advisors, CEO’s of large and small businesses, Presidents of Non-Profit organizations, influential community leaders, and reporters and anchors from around the country.

One-On-One Executive Coaching

Thank you again for the coaching and advice as I refined, prepped and rehearsed my value proposition. I do believe that your coaching was a key factor in my success.

Global Professional Services Firm

TSK, Principal

My ability to present more effectively and succinctly skyrocketed thanks to Liz Brunner. She helps you focus on the “now” and getting you to connect emotionally to your message. It was a life-changing experience and I will be forever grateful for my time with Liz. I would highly recommend her awesome talents. Ask her about Liz’s 4 C’s and remember them!

Melody Phipps

Senior Manager

Liz was dynamic, engaging and has excellent content!  She was extremely instrumental in helping me become a more effective speaker, listener and networker and has significantly helped me develop greater confidence for high pressure and critical conversations and engagements.  If your job hinges on communication with other people, Liz is the person for you!

Daniel Railton

Client Executive, Unispace

Anyone can benefit from Liz’s communications coaching – no matter how polished you may think your presentations are.  She performs a complete assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.  Then she will get right to work to show you what you need to do to improve. Before you are through, you will have a complete toolkit of techniques that will give your communications meaning – meaning that you deliver with confidence.   Even if you think your presentations skills are your strong suit.  Well, Liz will show you how to play your hand!

Anthony Simonelli

CFA, State Street Bank and Trust Company

I have achieved a successful career by working hard and delivering outcomes. But, I was hitting the glass ceiling: I wasn’t comfortable [with] public speaking. In just few sessions, Liz was able to change several bad behaviors, and [teach me] good behaviors. I have so much more confidence and now look forward to [public speaking]. I can’t recommend Liz highly enough.

Janet McCormick

Portfolio Manager

I am now a huge advocate for her training style, approach and ability to improve a candidate’s verbal and nonverbal communication. She is highly committed and takes your content and message personally to ensure you improve every aspect where you need help. Her methods of videotaping, practicing sequences and continuously re-working the content to get across the right message was invaluable! I felt my presentation was a huge success and I attribute the executive coaching from Liz as a major factor. I am now constantly using her techniques in everyday communication in my job and in personal encounters.

Mark Sheikh

Director, Deloitte LLP

Liz gave me the tools and the confidence to better myself and my public speaking skills.  Spending the time and money with Liz was well worth it!  Liz is a true professional and a lot of fun to work with – I highly recommend Brunner Communications!

Kurt Upham


Your honest advice [and] guidance has been invaluable to me!

Michelle Shanley

Client Coverage, MSCI

You are very good at your job and I came away very impressed and appreciative of your insights. I have already started to devise ways to put your tips into action.

Eric So, PhD.

Sarofim Family Career Development Associate Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management

Working with Liz Brunner over the past few weeks has really helped me to be more conscious about my communication style and approach and to implement specific style changes, which have resulted in me demonstrating greater confidence within leadership forums. One-on-one sessions in which Liz asked me to use real world communication scenarios and presentations that I will be delivering to live audiences helped make the experience practical and tangible. The use of video in tracking progress and playing back sessions enabled me to step back and critique my own style with Liz’s input and counsel. I was able to take away from these sessions what an impact certain techniques can make in improving the effectiveness of my communications overall. Most of all, Liz’s upbeat feedback was direct, honest, and very constructive. I have taken the feedback from our sessions to heart and feel that I am becoming not just a better communicator, but also, a better professional and leader as a result.

Sarah Rome

VP Merchandising Services, Staples, Inc.

Liz Brunner is dynamic and perceptive. She is a quick study and focuses instantly on the key stylistic aspects that really matter and make a difference. Her own poise, presence and strength are paired with an engaging and caring style that allow her to be very honest and straightforward so that you know you’re getting real feedback and suggestions. I really did learn a lot – thanks!

Lisa Scopa

VP, High Growth Markets, Staples, Inc.

I can’t thank you enough for working with [our team]. They were so thankful and impressed to spend time with you. More importantly, they felt that there were real, actionable areas where they improved their communications style as a result of your help.

Ronald L. Sargent

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Staples, Inc.

My goal in working with Liz was to improve my public speaking skills never thinking my new skills would filter down to my new client presentations. My presentations have become crisper, more articulate and quite successful. [During a recent presentation], I hit a home run! I never would have been able to pull this off without your training.

Barbara Shapiro

President, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, CFP®, Registered Investment Advisor HMS Financial Group

I have been a Financial Advisor for seventeen years and since working with Liz my business has gone to a level that I did not think was possible. Liz is extremely professional to work with and has helped me expand my business by coaching me with Leadership, Public Speaking, Presentations and most importantly Brand Building. I have nothing but rave reviews for Liz and I would recommend her to entrepreneurs of all fields to assist and coach in their business.

Michael Sperlinga

Managing Director, The Sperlinga Group - Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

I had an incredibly successful meeting and give you full credit!! Your training in all its aspects was key. I have to say I was spectacular and could not have done it without your help.

Bonnie Shershow

CEO & Founder Bonnie’s Jams

I engaged Liz to help me to elevate both my stage and media presence. She led me through an intensive 5-session program which had an immediate impact on my ability to deliver more succinct and effective messages across a variety of platforms. I learned how to prepare, deliver, and then evaluate my messaging in a way that will stay with me for years to come. Liz’s innate ability to both instruct and encourage inspired me to work through barriers that had long kept me from embracing opportunities to truly influence my audience. I would strongly encourage this program to anyone who wants expand their effectiveness.

Tracy Burns, CEO

Northeast Human Resources Association

Personable style and great enthusiasm in making improvements. Uses her expertise well in communicating the issues that need to be improved.

Jim Bourdon

CEO & Founder, Accounting Management Solutions, Inc.

Liz has media trained two executives in our company. Thanks to her help, they were polished and professional during their interviews. She helps with everything from body posture and tone of voice, to preparing a concise and interesting message. Because of her experience as a news anchor, she can simulate interviews in a realistic way and provide her clients with invaluable practice and a degree of familiarity and comfort with the interview style and setting.

Alex Mozdzanowska

Director of Research, Hopper

Liz Brunner’s teaching techniques provide you with a mirror image of how you present yourself and whether you are really connecting with your audience. Any individual or corporation will significantly benefit from her media training. In the future, I plan to hire Brunner Communications for a tune-up.

Robert A. Baker

President, SBANE

Liz is fantastic to work with and extremely skilled in communications and coaching.

Carol Bramson

CEO & President, Summer Infant

Executive Coaching Workshops

Essential, not a dull moment.


Executive Coaching Workshop

I am still amazed at how productive and helpful one day spent with you at Morgan Stanley was!

Courtney Manning Oldrin

Executive Director, Brand Marketing & Communications, Morgan Stanley

An amazing program that will start you on the path to self-discovery.


Executive Coaching Workshop

Liz is excellent to work with.  She delivers high quality, meaningful content.  I learn something new about my own communication style and executive presence very time she presents to our firm.

Susan de Mari

Director of Marketing, McLane Middleton

The best instructors. You’ll be pushed outside your comfort zone.


Executive Coaching Workshop

The events you have hosted for us have been an overwhelming success. The feedback from our participants has been fantastic. [They] were everything we hoped for and more. Your comments have moved [the] participants to action..I look forward to continuing our relationship.

Diane T. Pacuk

Senior Vice President & Assistant Complex Manager, Morgan Stanley

Liz’s style and approach…is very effective.  She quickly focuses on…things that have helped me gain confidence and deliver a more articulate message.  The workshop was fun and valuable.

Jeff Swartz

New England U.S. Private Wealth Management Regional Manager & Boston Complex Manager, Morgan Stanley

Every professional, executive or entrepreneur who wants to develop their presentation and communication skills would benefit from Liz’s techniques and experience. To be successful, we need to consistently demonstrate an ability to connect and engage. Liz’s program provided me with valuable advice, and the confidence I need to perform during stressful presentations.

Stephen A. Tordone

Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

We have observed the positive results of our training with Liz. She was insightful, endearing and relatable. Her style and demeanor allowed our skeptical managers to quickly open up. We have received requests for more sessions. It was well worth it.

Milly Rodriguez

Director of Human Resources, The Setai, Miami Beach

Your session was a big success. Half of the attendees made a special visit to my office to express their appreciation. During the session, I could read positive “body language” throughout…. I thought your session was “spot on”.

John Fletcher

CEO & Founding Partner, Fletcher-Spaght Ventures

Liz Brunner delivered an engaging, interactive and thought provoking “Executive Presence” training program for 8 leaders of our firm. Her energy, experience and customized material were packaged to keep the group motivated to learn and focus on their own professional development. These leaders were already strong presenters and high impact contributors to the organization. Liz was able to raise their awareness of areas for improvement and provide a tool kit and constructive feedback. By raising self-awareness on how to enhance skills, Liz helped strong performers make an even bigger impact with our clients.

Judy A. Murphy

Director of HR and Organizational Development, NEPC, LLC (Boston)

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Liz recently on a client assignment with a group of senior professionals. Liz developed a customized communications program for the group that was very well received. What made Liz’s work so impactful was her ability to quickly assess each person’s communication strengths and weaknesses and work with them on specific techniques to create a powerful personal brand. The work she did has had a lasting impact.
The combination of Liz’s expertise, presence, warmth and genuine passion for what she does sets her apart from other communication consultants. I highly recommend Liz and look forward to working with her on another client engagement soon.

Alec Murray

Partner Camden Consulting Group

Part of any training session is getting comfortable with your peers and the facilitator. Liz made the interaction between all of us very collaborative and supportive.

I thought the use of visual recording was very effective. The sessions gave me an opportunity to first practice my speech and then review what worked and what could be improved. The video review left me with a number of key insights on my delivery and mannerisms.

The targeted session on delivering your pitch was both practical and illuminating. I left that session with a very tangible skill for future business interactions. I also found myself reflecting on where my presentation pitch could be altered for social settings, personal interactions, and professional opportunities.

Timothy R. Bruce

Director of Traditional Research, Partner, NEPC, LLC (Boston)

My sessions with Liz Brunner of Brunner Communications [have] been a huge benefit to my communication style. In a class of 8 students, her feedback was personalized and specific. She encouraged us to think about our own style first, then coached us to improve that style. Her session regarding building an elevator speech really pushed me to think about how new people hear what we say; it really allowed me to refine my approach small interactions with people.

Kristin Reynolds

Senior Consultant in NEPC’s Endowment and Foundation Group, NEPC, LLC (Boston)

Your session provided a valuable reminder regarding the importance of practicing your elevator speech and keeping it simple. I also found the topic regarding the importance of using breathing for voice control as well as managing the ‘pregnant pause’ very helpful.

Brad Smith

Partner and Senior Consultant, NEPC, LLC (Atlanta)

Women’s Leadership Training

Worthwhile – nice blend of professional advice and exercises with fun dose of clothes, style and personal branding. Great presenters and excellent venue!“


Executive Coaching Workshop

What made Liz Brunner a stalwart of the Boston news scene for over two decades is the same thing that makes her so effective as a presenter and coach – her ability to connect with people. News anchors don’t just deliver the news; they come into our homes and take a seat at the breakfast table. We’re in Newark, New Jersey, and even without the benefit of having had Liz at our breakfast table for 25 years, she made friends with everyone in the audience the moment she stepped up to the podium.”

Geoff Goldberg

Chief Advancement Officer, McCarter & English

I will tell other women that if you are in business, this workshop is necessary and vital to the success of their career

Rachael Rubin

CEO and Founder, Beauty PaRLR and RLR Studio Inc.

Thank you for taking the time to speak at State Street tonight – I thought it was one of our best events…”

Jennifer Chin

State Street

I will definitely tell other women that this is a great place to start their personal journey”


Executive Coaching Workshop

Thank you for your thoughtful words, your real life advice, your beautiful voice [and] your generosity of spirit.”

Susan Hirschfeld

Attendee, Winning Opportunities for Women - W.O.W Conference

I have received so many emails and calls to tell me what a great event, some have said it was the best women’s event they have been to. You took the time to tailor your discussion to meet the goal of the event. Your experience and learnings will help women of all ages to “up their game!”

Jill Iacono-Mavro

Managing Director, State Street Global Advisors

The team at Nasdaq thoroughly enjoyed Liz’s presentation and left the room with actionable takeaways. We would love to use her again here, and would absolutely recommend her to others.


Corporate Team

The content was spot on. [Our students were] encouraged with new tools to take on the world. We are honored that you spent [time] with us!

Susan M. Adams, PhD

Professor of Management and Senior Director, Center for Women & Business at Bentley University

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and wisdom with our student fellows. What a special opportunity for them to meet someone of your professional stature and hear your insights around personal branding and communication. I have heard wonderful reviews from both my team and students. Your content was very valuable and engaging. It was a gift for them to talk with you….Thanks so much for your generosity of both your time and spirit.

Betsy Myers

Founding Director of the Center for Women & Business at Bentley University

Liz has an extensive range of experience she brings to bear to connect with her clients, and especially her audience in a corporate situation. Her passion and energy to make differences for people emanates, and she is able to connect with people to engage and draw out the best in them. Liz is very versatile and eager to tailor her programs and offerings to the needs of the client. She is genuine in her content delivery to show that she walks the talk on what she is coaching/helping her audience learn!!!!

Susan Esper

Partner, Deloitte & Touche, LLP

You rocked the house! Wow, what an inspirational and motivating talk.

Nora Yousif

Financial Advisor, RBC Wealth Management

[Your speech] really struck a chord with me. Thank you for the insight and advice you shared with our group.

Elle Litwinetz

Marketing Manager, Visnick & Caulfield Architecture & Design

Speaking Engagements

Thank you for a terrific job!  You really added something special.  You are obviously a pro [and kept] a great balance – professional, personal and a bit of humor.

Chris Horblit

President, Fidelity Real Estate Company

You were the hit of the conference (no surprise)! Your warmth and exuberance were the perfect capstone to the event.

Dianne McDermott

Founder, McDermott & Company

Thank you for…your wonderful presentation. You had my complete attention. I was particularly impressed with the way you were so engaging with our members.

Dee Calabrese

Administrator, Treasurers' Club of Boston

I enjoyed the pearls of wisdom that you passed along. I have received very positive feedback from several of our [Treasurer’s Club of Boston] members who really enjoyed your talk [and] your advice on enhancing communication and networking skills.

Paul V. McDonough

Vice President - Operations, Forsythe Institute

Thank you again for [sharing] your expertise. Your presentation was the perfect way to kick-off a great day of learning and networking!

Elissa Sherman

President, LeadingAge Massachusetts

Your talk was insightful very well received. We all need to take a step back and reflect on how we present not only our ‘business’ selves, and more importantly our ‘true selves’ on an everyday basis. I spoke to several members after the event and they were all very enthusiastic about your talk and your overall message. It resonated very well with the crowd.
Your comments on how we may have fallen out of touch with face-to-face communication and the art of small talk were spot on. You showed us all what it is like to be a great speaker and deliver a strong message.

Kevin Marinelli

President, Treasurer’s Club of Boston, Chief Financial Officer, FSEnet

I have worked with Liz for many years and she has the experience, knowledge and know what she is doing. She has the ability to adapt to any situation and goes above and beyond to get the job done!

Jamille Benson

Special Events Manager, Home for Little Wanderers

Thank you for brilliantly weaving in your perspective on the issues that matter to [us]. Your voice on the topic is such an amazing ‘call to action’ – we are better with you alongside.
It is also clear to me that you truly invest in the engagements that you agree to do… Your commentary and insights are thoughtful, timely and specific… There is a reason you and our brand are so very strong!!

Mim Munichiello

Senior Partner, Chief Operating Officer, EBS Capstone

You embody the truly beautiful spirit of community commitment, caring [and] energy. Actors can read lines. Yours is a genuine delivery of honest, heartfelt values.

Dale Bearden

Chief Strategic Officer, Founding investor and Board member, TopSpin Networks

I wanted to congratulate you for being a wonderful emcee and keynote speaker. Your speech and family story was incredibly powerful and moving.

Jennifer Scherck

Director of Development, Bottom Line

I wanted to thank Liz Brunner – she was an amazing moderator! Such a genuine, kind person…”

“It was an honor to meet you; your warmth and light were just the touch this event needed.”

“Your presence and masterful moderating of the panel is often mentioned as one of the high points!… You really got what we were trying to do and helped folks feel safe enough to say the things they said!!

Comments above from Participants/Patients and Organizers, MassGeneral Hospital Cancer Center Panel Discussion

You did a really remarkable job! You have a unique way of connecting with each person in the audience. You are a great teacher.

Linda Samuels

MBA, MSc, UR Business Network

Liz’s graceful, warm presence as our emcee is a signature element of our Gala and she has helped us to shape the event into one of the premier nonprofit galas in the Boston area.

Any room that Liz walks into becomes filled with her fantastic energy. She truly embraces our mission and showcases it through her engaging storytelling. She connects in a natural and genuine manner with our audience to capture their minds and their hearts. Liz is an outstanding speaker and we enjoy collaborating with her. She always elicits an enthusiastic response from our audience and inspires our donors to give generously at the event.

An incredibly eloquent speaker, Liz conveys passion and sincerity, whether sharing scripted remarks or ad libbing, and weaves humor and personal insights into her delivery. Her personal demeanour makes her approachable and a delight to work with. She is adept at helping program participants…feel at ease in our spotlight. And she is simply unflappable when situations call for flexibility and adjustments to a program flow.

We are proud to partner with Liz Brunner and recommend her as a speaker or emcee without reservation.

Charlotte A. Beattie

Chief Executive Officer, Make-A-Wish Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Everyone was enthralled with your presentation!  There was so much energy and excitement in the room: your approach is inspirational!

Pamela J. Bakos

Managing Principal, Bay Colony Advisory Group, Inc.

[Liz Brunner’s] presentation was wonderful. It was both informative and very professionally done. I highly recommend Liz to other organizations.

Allen M. Okamoto

Founding Chair, Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA)

Liz Brunner’s presentation was engaging and resonated well with the audience. She was a pleasure to work with and really helped us put on a top-notch event.

Susan de Mari

Director of Marketing, McLane Law Firm

I’m happy that I took the time to hear Liz Brunner address a group at McLane Law. She has an ability to reach the audience quickly through her authenticity. Even though her background is strong and diversified, it is her lack of ego, openness and enthusiasm that indicates to me she is a rare commodity who would rise to the top in any field of her choice. We need more people like Liz who understand what it means to be human and to be able to convey that to others.

Stan Sidman

Founder of The Business Development Group