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I am thrilled to present at Bentley University Center for Women and Business ‘Gearing Up Conference’ this Friday, June 17th presenting “Be the Leader Within”. In today’s corporate world, it is not enough to simply be good at what you do. Each and every person, no matter what profession, needs to maximize their brand, to be their best authentic self in order to “seal the deal” or move up the career ladder. How does that happen? By being the “Leader Within.” By exuding confidence, “executive presence” and communicating effectively in all relationships. However, we are not born knowing how to be a leader, nor how to have “presence,” nor how to communicate clearly. These are learned skills. In this session I will share my practical and proven tips and techniques that will help any woman create and build her own personal tool box to “Be the Leader Within.” Learn how to command a room with presence and confidence, how to use your nonverbal and verbal skills to your advantage, the importance of mentorship and sponsorship- why women need to help other women, and brand imaging- why it’s more important than ever.