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Executive Coaching

Develop your professional presence and image through presentation and vocal coaching. Over the course of working with Brunner Communications, clients will learn to effectively convey any message in any communication situation. The result will bring more effective delivery and engagement through presentations, keynote addresses, speeches, and teleconferences.


Women’s Leadership Training

Improve your professional image and leadership skills with our customized training programs for women in the workplace.  Our programs teach women how to confidently command a room, communicate with purpose among clients and colleagues, and grow into leaders within an organization.


Media Training

Perfect the art of personal presentation across all types of media. With intensive, personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, we incorporate real-time video analysis to effectively improve communication skills.


Community Relations Training

Grow a meaningful brand and reputation through philanthropic initiatives and events. Our coaching and consulting will enable you to thoughtfully and strategically engage with the community.


Social Media Training & Management

Highly-tailored guidance to develop a meaningful and marketable voice via social media.


Talent Development

Become confident, clear, and comfortable in front of a camera. Our specialized, intense training for TV anchors, hosts, and reporters will improve on-air skills, maximizing one's strengths.