Publicity BostonIt was a cold, gray day in 2016 when I sat down in my favorite chair with a big cup of tea.  Snow was falling in Boston and I was feeling down. I missed interviewing women. I missed shining a light on their stories. 

As the creator and co-host of Magic 106.7’s Exceptional Women radio show, I had the opportunity to interview nearly 600 women. The idea was simple: find a woman doing great things with her life, ask her a few open-ended questions, and then, listen. 25 years passed and I interviewed 600 women from every walk of life. Some of them were famous and some of them made things happen quietly. I came to understand that exceptional women have quite a few things in common: they feel things deeply, they have a sense of purpose, and when there’s an obstacle in their path, they will always find a way around it. 

By the time my big cup of tea was finished, I had pages of notes, quotes and memories that would go on to become 16 Life Lessons©: an inspiring collection of mantras for women of all ages. 

My little pity-party about missing these interviews ignited a new flame.  In 2018, I launched the weekly podcast series The Story Behind Her Success and, so far, another 100 women have shared their stories with our listeners worldwide. As an Executive Coach with Brunner Communications, I not only share these 16 Life Lessons with my clients, I encourage them to live these words of wisdom every single day. 

View Candy O’Terry’s 16 Life Lessons©.

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