Your brand is unique to you and, at Brunner Communications, so is our coaching.

We’re here to help you develop and polish your personal brand and, to do that, we provide highly customized training, designed to help you become a great communicator.

Publicity BostonJust as you would seek out the best doctor to care for your health, or the contractor with clients who rave about their newly remodeled home, our clients call Brunner Communications because we are experts in our field.  Together, Liz Brunner and Candy O’Terry have a combined 60 years of experience as award-winning broadcasters in both television and radio. They share their experience as accomplished singers, public speakers, writers, interviewers, moderators and professional communicators with their clients to help them develop their voice, executive presence, leadership style, writing abilities and so much more.

From executives to politicians, authors to anchors, entrepreneurs to professional athletes and medical professionals, we have worked with clients in just about every field.

So, what can we help you with?

Develop your professional presence through executive coaching and leadership training.

Learn how to be seen and heard with leadership coaching geared specifically to women.

Hone your presentation, speech writing, and storytelling skills so you feel comfortable and confident at the front of the room or in front of cameras and microphones.

Pitch perfect: craft a client pitch, prepare for your next board presentation or create an elevator pitch.

And if you want to take your team to the next level, we also offer corporate workshops, crafted around a variety of themes, to suit the unique needs of your team.

Connect with us to learn more about how we can partner with you and your organization. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Interested in Taking Yourself or Your Executive Team to the Next Level?

Brunner Communications assists high-profile individuals and organizations in sharpening and developing top level business communication, executive presence, and public speaking skills. Our passionate team provides one-on-one executive business coaching, and runs specialized business workshops. Through customized training, clients learn the necessary skills to become great communicators and build a marketable reputation.

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