When a girl’s mother dies, she loses more than her mother’s physical presence in her life. She loses her go-to person as she grows up, her compass, her role model. Some girls never recover from this loss, especially if they lack a strong family support system.

When she was only nine, Cara Belvin experienced the loss of her mother and was very fortunate to have her father, brother and her aunts in her life. But she was still walking around with a broken heart. She knew she had to do something, and decades later, she created EmpowerHER, a charity whose focus is to provide mentorship and support to girls who have experienced the early loss of their mothers. In just a few years, EmpowerHER has reached out to hospitals, schools, and social service agencies in Massachusetts to locate these girls and to offer friendship and guidance to them in ways that have changed their lives.

There is no other charity like this in the entire country. Cara Belvin’s story is one of inspiration and empowerment. We’re so honored she shared it on our podcast series so that you can be inspired, too. Find out more about her charity at: www.empoweringher.org

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