Did you know that we are all like rubber bands? We, like a rubber band, have the ability to stretch. I’m not talking about our physical muscles here, but rather stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone when it comes to growing and learning. Most of us are only willing to stretch ourselves ‘so far’ because it’s too scary to go beyond our comfort zone. We have some pretty ingrained habits and ways of doing things that have become comfortable, familiar. We end up doing things the same way because, quite frankly, it’ sometimes just easier than making changes. Let’s be real, many of us do not like change! But many of the behavioral patterns that got us to where we are today, may not get us to where we want to go in the future…unless we are willing to change, to stretch ourselves.

When working with our clients, we intentionally try to stretch them beyond their comfort zone. We stretch people so they gain more Executive Presence, create a presentation that’s engaging, interesting and “perform” it in a way that captures their audience’s attention. We stretch people so they discover more of their authentic leadership style. Sometimes when people are willing to stretch themselves, they discover the change they need to make may require moving to a new job! Now, that can be scary! But we are never too old to change. It starts with a desire to grow, to learn and become more of who you truly are and were meant to be. It’s working on yourself from the inside out.

So, give it a shot. Try stretching yourself out of your comfort zone. No, it may not be easy, nor feel comfortable, but eventually, it will, and when it does, you become more self aware, you set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. You are moving towards more success both professionally and personally, and becoming more of your best authentic self.

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