I love summer!  The warm air, the relaxed tempo.  And, as much as that soothes the soul, I am excited for fall to arrive.  There’s a renewed sense of purpose and passion of fulfilling goals and maybe even rekindling dreams.  “If not now, when?”  

I asked myself that question over the course of this summer and it reminded me of how many times during my professional life I have been fortunate to “recreate” myself – not once, not twice, but three times; from high school teacher, to retailer, to news anchor, to my newest chapter, entrepreneur as an executive communications coach.

If you step back and think about your personal journey, have you re-created yourself?  Have you followed your passion? Have you transitioned into something new using all of your experience and knowledge?  If so, we want to hear about it! We invite you to share your story! You just might inspire someone else to ask themselves, “if not now, when?” 

Maybe for you, “if not now, when?” means taking action on your personal goals for professional development and self betterment, to reach for the next level, to become the leader you hope to be. Or, maybe you want to take your team to the next level. That’s our passion at Brunner Communications. We’d love to partner with you.

We offer executive coaching in the areas of public speaking and speech writing, women’s leadership, media training, and talent development.  Our workshops and one-on-one packages are highly customized to the unique needs and goals of our clients. We see success as our clients build their personal brands and exude the confidence and command that accompany strong and intentional communication.   Learn more at lizbrunner.com

Ladies – take action now!  There are only a few seats still available at our Executive Coaching Workshop for Women, coming up on October 4. If you’re looking for a powerful, interactive one-day professional development experience designed to take your communication skills to the next level, this workshop is for you. Enhance your personal brand. Build your presentation skills. Grow in confidence. Reserve your seat.

One of the reasons we offer this workshop is because of the many differences in how women and men communicate.  In fact, did you know that on average, women say 20,000 words per day? This statistic contrasts sharply with the average 7,000 words for men and, yet, women often struggle to be seen and heard or have the presence they intend in the office. Learn more about this fascinating research, as well as my tips to make those words count.

Another way to boost presence for both men and women? A powerful handshake is a critical piece of first impressions. Want to see a handshake at work? Check out The Handshake Story from our own executive coach, Candy O’Terry.

Next month, Brunner Communications is celebrating its 6th Anniversary!  We’ve grown over the years because of you. Thank you. Connections matter in business and in life and we’re always working to build our network.  We truly appreciate your referral.

Until next time, be well.



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