“Powering Employees With More Than a Paycheck”

Do you feel burned out at your job?

Do you feel like your bosses really care about YOU as a person, and not just your productivity?

Do you feel appreciated… Valued for what you bring to the table?

For many people, feeling good about the work they do and the hours they put in is more than just a paycheck!  It’s about feeling like you matter!

Tony Schwartz, author of “Be Excellent at Anything:  The Four Keys to Transforming the Way We Work and Live,” says employers NEED to meet the core needs of their employees; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and I agree.  But, it appears, many are not.

In today’s New York Times article, Schwartz says “human beings are not designed to run the way computers do: at high speeds, continuously, for long periods of time.”

Yet, no surprise, many people feel like THAT is exactly what is expected!

They’re expected to put in long hours, not take lunch breaks, shorten their vacations, or perhaps not even be allowed to take them at all because of pressing business projects.

Schwartz says when employees don’t feel cared for, “they’re more likely to feel a sense of fear and threat.”

I believe, when employees feel genuinely cared for and valued, they will and do respond!

As my own boss now, and CEO of my own company, my goal is to create a culture of value and respect that, I trust, will translate into a win-win for both my employees and my clients.

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