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Increasingly I find myself traveling the country to provide Women’s Leadership Training to female executives, both individually and in group workshops and presentations.

I work with these executives in the areas of presence, communication skills, and personal image and brand. How they enter the room, shake hands, speak and dress, has a dramatic impact on how they are viewed by others.

Equally as important as honing their personal brand is ensuring they are being their own authentic selves: owning who they are, and portraying that positive self image to the world. As I always say to my clients: “Sometimes being imperfect is more perfect.”

The 2015 Forbes Women’s Summit, which gathered female leaders across all industries – from business and philanthropy to entertainment – zeroed in on that exact topic. Singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat shared her personal struggles as a woman in the entertainment industry. She highlighted a conversation she had with the musician Baby Face, in which she was bemoaning to him why women put so much pressure on themselves to fit the societal mold, hiding their “flaws” in an eternal quest to seem “perfect.” His response? “You don’t have to try so hard.”

That message resonated greatly with me, and I hope it resonates with other women too: whatever you need to do to be your own best selves, do it for YOU, not someone else. THAT is powerful. THAT is being your best authentic self.

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