Client Testimonials

Executive Coaching Workshops

Liz, thank you for the wonderful workshop! I’ve been using many of the strategies we discussed almost daily. I hope we implement this workshop more widely at AG.

Lucia Tierirova

Analysis Group

Hi Liz, I had the pleasure of being part of the inaugural CoreNet Leadership 2.0 program and graduated with some great training from you! I hope all is well and thank you for helping us all become better leaders!

Varunee Betts-Kosowan


Liz Brunner recently coached our senior team on creating engaging interactive video conversations; this involved both group work and personal coaching. Both were excellent, the personal coaching especially so; Liz sets high standards, but her coaching is warm and supportive, and she brought about improvement in every member of a diverse group. She is particularly adept at spotting areas for improvement in vocal technique – pauses, vocal cadences, and the like – and at helping people improve immediately.

Jonathan Day

Chief Executive, Tapestry Networks

It was a wonderful training session. It was engaging, stimulating, and brought out the witty, outgoing side of me...

Chang Liu

AVP, Analyst, Acadian Asset Management, Boston, MA

I absolutely enjoyed the experience! The session was very helpful, especially regarding thinking about what my brand is and speaking up. I’m definitely working on actively incorporating your feedback into my work.

Beca Han

Business Development and Client Service Specialist, Acadian Asset Management, Boston, MA

I appreciate not only the training itself but also the confidence you gave me. ...I feel I’ve been equipped with both techniques and perseverance.

Shirley Liu

Analyst, Acadian Asset Management, Boston, MA

Brunner is the personification of energy and intention. Her workshops will help you be seen AND heard, for all the right reasons. Like a book you simply can’t put down, Brunner crafts a compelling story about the building of a brand, and an image, that will take your career on an upward trajectory.

Jackie Falla

Director of Client Services, Elaine Construction, Newton, MA

Candy presented to our entire company regarding executive presence and communication skills. She was lively, engaging and extremely interactive during a period of an hour and a half with over 75 people- no small endeavor! I particularly enjoyed Candy’s presentation because she does not repeat the same tips other keynote speakers usually communicate (eye contact, gestures, etc.).Candy takes it to another level and provides specific guidance on easy ways your team can improve their communication skills that are not common sense. She is able to draw on her experience as a singer and in radio, to highlight areas to focus on to enhance your executive presence. I highly recommend Candy.

Sabrina Rusnak-Carlson

General Counsel, THL Credit, Boston, MA

In a world of miscommunication over-load, Liz Brunner delivers a sensible and practical approach that is highly applicable in any environment. One session will have you re-examining your personal methods of presentation, style and self-brand!

Lisa J. Frisbie

Director of Marketing & Communications, AGCMA Building Excellence, Wellesley, MA

Essential, not a dull moment.


Executive Coaching Workshop

I am still amazed at how productive and helpful one day spent with you at Morgan Stanley was!

Courtney Manning Oldrin

Executive Director, Brand Marketing & Communications, Morgan Stanley, New York, NY

An amazing program that will start you on the path to self-discovery.


Executive Coaching Workshop

Liz is excellent to work with. She delivers high quality, meaningful content. I learn something new about my own communication style and executive presence very time she presents to our firm.

Susan de Mari

Director of Marketing, McLane Law Firm, Boston, MA

The best instructors. You’ll be pushed outside your comfort zone.


Executive Coaching Workshop

The events you have hosted for us have been an overwhelming success. The feedback from our participants has been fantastic. [They] were everything we hoped for and more. Your comments have moved [the] participants to action. I look forward to continuing our relationship.

Diane T. Pacuk

Senior Vice President & Assistant Complex Manager, Morgan Stanley, Hartford, CT

Liz’s style and approach…is very effective. She quickly focuses on…things that have helped me gain confidence and deliver a more articulate message. The workshop was fun and valuable.

Jeff Swartz

New England U.S. Private Wealth Management Regional Manager & Boston Complex Manager, Morgan Stanley, Boston, MA

Every professional, executive or entrepreneur who wants to develop their presentation and communication skills would benefit from Liz’s techniques and experience. To be successful, we need to consistently demonstrate an ability to connect and engage. Liz’s program provided me with valuable advice, and the confidence I need to perform during stressful presentations.

Stephen A. Tordone

Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, Boston, MA

We have observed the positive results of our training with Liz. She was insightful, endearing and relatable. Her style and demeanor allowed our skeptical managers to quickly open up. We have received requests for more sessions. It was well worth it.

Milly Rodriguez

Director of Human Resources, The Setai, Miami, FL

Your session was a big success. Half of the attendees made a special visit to my office to express their appreciation. During the session, I could read positive “body language” throughout…. I thought your session was “spot on.”

John Fletcher

CEO & Founding Partner, Fletcher-Spaght Ventures, Boston, MA

Liz Brunner delivered an engaging, interactive and thought provoking “Executive Presence” training program for 8 leaders of our firm. Her energy, experience and customized material were packaged to keep the group motivated to learn and focus on their own professional development. These leaders were already strong presenters and high impact contributors to the organization. Liz was able to raise their awareness of areas for improvement and provide a tool kit and constructive feedback. By raising self-awareness on how to enhance skills, Liz helped strong performers make an even bigger impact with our clients.

Judy A. Murphy

Director of HR and Organizational Development, NEPC, LLC, Boston, MA

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Liz recently on a client assignment with a group of senior professionals. Liz developed a customized communications program for the group that was very well received. What made Liz’s work so impactful was her ability to quickly assess each person’s communication strengths and weaknesses and work with them on specific techniques to create a powerful personal brand. The work she did has had a lasting impact.

Alec Murray

Partner, Camden Consulting Group, Boston, MA

Part of any training session is getting comfortable with your peers and the facilitator. Liz made the interaction between all of us very collaborative and supportive.

Timothy R. Bruce

Director of Traditional Research, Partner, NEPC, LLC, Boston, MA

My sessions with Liz Brunner of Brunner Communications [have] been a huge benefit to my communication style. In a class of 8 students, her feedback was personalized and specific. She encouraged us to think about our own style first, then coached us to improve that style. Her session regarding building an elevator speech really pushed me to think about how new people hear what we say; it really allowed me to refine my approach small interactions with people.

Kristin Reynolds

Senior Consultant in NEPC’s Endowment and Foundation Group, NEPC, LLC, Boston, MA

Your session provided a valuable reminder regarding the importance of practicing your elevator speech and keeping it simple. I also found the topic regarding the importance of using breathing for voice control as well as managing the ‘pregnant pause’ very helpful.

Brad Smith

Partner and Senior Consultant, NEPC, LLC, Atlanta, GA

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