Client Testimonials

One-On-One Executive Coaching

The sessions were enjoyable, challenging and very worthwhile. Liz has an instructional style that is respectful but appropriately challenging. It was a real pleasure.

Jeffrey Hymes


Very happy I got out of my comfort zone and completed this course.

Dave Karoly

Lamacchia Realty

As the owner of a leading commercial real estate firm, solid communication skills are a must-have in my everyday life. Working with Liz helped me take those skills from good to great. Her ability to quickly and efficiently zero in on the areas for improvement is uncanny. No way I could have done it without her. Thank you Liz!

Ann V. Ehrhart

Owner/Co-Founder, Boston Urban Partners, Boston, MA

Candy O’Terry brings a wealth of experience and passion as a coach, and her coaching skills are outstanding. As a global business leader, working with Candy has helped me to sharpen up my executive presentation skills, and focus on crisp, authentic and compelling communication. Her targeted, efficient and pragmatic approach was enormously helpful and her energetic enthusiasm and support just can’t be beat. It was a delight working with her, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to up their game!


Division Executive, Financial Services Company

Thank you for all of your help!!! I wouldn’t have made it through the presentations without it. Your time and help was invaluable to me...

Michelle U.

Managing Director, Global Services Firm, San Francisco, CA

I was fortunate to have my employer connect me with Candy O’Terry...for help developing better public speaking and leadership presence skills. My expectations were wildly exceeded: Candy is amazing. She is high energy, extremely competent and focused, and direct enough to have an impact very quickly. Her process pushed me outside of my comfort zone almost immediately and her tough love challenged me to spend little time questioning myself and my potential. Dispensing of my normal doubts and insecurities, Candy’s work and work ethic helped me elevate my public speaking skills especially – a presentation I gave to nearly 600 people was a phenomenal success because Candy helped me not only shape my message into one that resonated, she helped me learn to use my voice and my presence to more effectively deliver my message. I honestly can’t imagine having done this without her expertise and support.

Sara Ogiony Carpi

Managing Director, Wellington Management Company, Boston, MA

Working with Liz during the past two years has been nothing short of transformational – both professionally and personally. Liz’s coaching always began with understanding your goals and focused on strategies for making an impact and driving value, all while displaying empathy. She was instrumental in helping me build my brand, elevate my executive presence, and strengthen my relationships at work and in my community.

Laura E., Partner

Global Professional Services Firm, Chicago, IL

Candy O’Terry is an accomplished and exceptional woman who is extremely passionate about sharing her knowledge... When I think about my executive presence before I met her, and the leader I am now, the one difference is Candy O'Terry. She showed me what I was capable of and gave me the skills to step out with confidence.

Maureen Rystrom

VP of Marketing, J. Calnan & Associates, Boston, MA

Candy was fabulous; clear, concise, no time wasted, great coaching...

Seven Stones Leadership Group

New Haven, CT

Thanks so much for your coaching. It made such a difference—and you gave me skills I can use for the future, too. Thanks again!

Kelly Reine

LCSP & AP Community & Development, Deloitte Services LP, San Francisco, CA

Liz Brunner is the best media coach I have ever seen. Her experience as a professional newswoman really comes through in the myriad ways she shares her insights, which are entirely applicable to business professionals who need to know how to speak to a camera, modulate their voice for emphasis, and tell their story in an impactful way.

Sandy Bodner

Sandy Bodner Strategic Communications LLC, Medford, MA

Working with Liz has been an incredible experience. Not only was she a great sounding board but she helped me focus my thoughts on what was important in my career. Her coaching helped me navigate important discussions with confidence, while always helping me to keep my career/life fit in perspective.

Sonali S. Gandhi

Deloitte Tax Overseas Services LLC, Houston, TX

Working with Liz has been an enjoyable experience that has helped me to both create and refresh all the possibilities waiting within and maximizing their potential. Liz, both a professional and mentor, relays her very knowledgeable and practical skills on all aspects of coaching an individual. She has the unique ability to solidify the major themes for our work together ranging from public speaking, body language and daily life events that happen in my business and my personal life. I truly appreciate all her life experience she shares to facilitate learning and growth. Without a doubt I would recommend Liz to anyone who wants to grow and develop into their very best.

Patrick Planeta

Owner/Principal, Planeta Design Group, Boston, MA

Working with Candy was amazing. She has an incredible range of knowledge and seemed to have a solution for every challenge I faced leading up to a major public speaking event. She turned something daunting into something exciting and truly helped me grow as a leader!

Josh L.

Principal, Global Services Firm, Boston, MA

Liz provides great techniques to make one a more effective speaker, be it on a conference call, leading a webcast, or making a presentation. I, and others, noticed a positive change almost immediately. I now feel so much more comfortable participating in conference calls and leading presentations after just taking a few sessions with Liz. It’s also easy to see where others could benefit from Liz’s approach.

Matt JH

Partner, Global Professional Services Firm, Detroit, MI

In just a few short sessions with Liz, I was amazed at her ability to quickly diagnose my personal areas for development and, more importantly, to provide actionable steps for improvement. I’m happy to report that I’m still implementing many of the lessons she has shared with me in my everyday life, whether that’s preparing for a boardroom presentation to incorporating healthy personal routines for increased energy and overall well-being. Liz has been an extraordinary teacher and guide in my journey of self-improvement.

John Ho

Principal, Anzu Partners LLC, Washington, DC

Thank you again for the coaching and advice as I refined, prepped and rehearsed my value proposition. I do believe that your coaching was a key factor in my success.

Temano K.S.

Principal, Global Professional Services Firm

Liz was dynamic, engaging and has excellent content! She was extremely instrumental in helping me become a more effective speaker, listener and networker and has significantly helped me develop greater confidence for high pressure and critical conversations and engagements. If your job hinges on communication with other people, Liz is the person for you!

Daniel Railton

Client Executive, Unispace, Boston, MA

My ability to present more effectively and succinctly skyrocketed thanks to Liz Brunner. She helps you focus on the “now” and getting you to connect emotionally to your message. It was a life-changing experience and I will be forever grateful for my time with Liz. I would highly recommend her awesome talents. Ask her about Liz’s 4 C’s and remember them!

Melody Phipps

Global Professional Services Firm, Senior Manager, San Francisco, CA

Anyone can benefit from Liz’s communications coaching – no matter how polished you may think your presentations are. She performs a complete assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Then she will get right to work to show you what you need to do to improve. Before you are through, you will have a complete toolkit of techniques that will give your communications meaning – meaning that you deliver with confidence. Even if you think your presentations skills are your strong suit. Well, Liz will show you how to play your hand!

Anthony Simonelli

CFA, State Street Bank and Trust Company, Boston, MA

I have achieved a successful career by working hard and delivering outcomes. But, I was hitting the glass ceiling: I wasn’t comfortable [with] public speaking. In just few sessions, Liz was able to change several bad behaviors, and [teach me] good behaviors. I have so much more confidence and now look forward to [public speaking]. I can’t recommend Liz highly enough.

Janet McCormick

Portfolio Manager, Boston, MA

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