Client Testimonials

Women’s Leadership Training

...a wonderful job as a speaker last week.. it was one of the most popular topics of the conference! (Barron’s Women’s Summit)

Alison Rooney

Senior Manager, Barron's Advisory Programs, New York, NY

I really enjoyed your presentation...This was a great wake up call for me to step up my game...

Camille Valentine

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management UBS, Boston, MA

As the owner of a leading commercial real estate firm, solid communication skills are a must-have in my everyday life. Working with Liz helped me take those skills from good to great. Her ability to quickly and efficiently zero in on the areas for improvement is uncanny. No way I could have done it without her. Thank you Liz!

Ann V. Ehrhart

Owner/Co-Founder, Boston Urban Partners, Boston, MA

...your breakout session was great. My favorite thing you said was, “It’s not fair, but it’s a fact” when referencing that appearance matters. That’s the truth and I appreciate someone stating it in a way that both acknowledges the reaction it can elicit but also maintains its truth.

Catie O’Connell

Director, Institutional Services Natixis Investment Managers, Boston, MA

...your presentation was great... both eye-opening and inspirational.

Helen Minieri Stacy

CFP®, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management UBS, Southampton, NY

So often we’re focused on others so it was nice to spend some time thinking about myself! Some thought provoking points!

Amy Bowen

Director of Communications & Marketing, Boston, MA

This workshop was impactful, eye-opening, empowering and certainly worth the time and the cost. Besides the content, it was a great opportunity to network and build relationships with other women, who are incredibly impressive yet still wanting to better themselves. The shared experience of facing our fears (public speaking, telling stories on the fly, etc.) brought an immediate connection. I think we all left hoping to work together again and find ways to help each other out to continue our success. Great opportunity to learn manageable actions (presentation skills, time management techniques) that can be incorporated into your professional acumen that will improve leadership presence.

Amanda Keaveney

Chief Marketing Officer, Exec. VP, HUB International New England, LLC, Wilmington, MA

The workshop would be beneficial as an annual event, refresher or serve as a reminder for all women leaders to come back to center and hone their skills.

Cara Belvin

Founder, empowerHER, Norwell, MA

I would highly recommend this workshop! It was not only great for networking and making connections, but it offered valuable constructive criticism to be a better communicator. I thought you covered everything in this workshop - it was worth every penny. I wouldn't change a thing! I would tell you to charge more but then I wouldn't be able to attend.

Christine McSherry

Founder, Jett Foundation, Plymouth, MA

Worthwhile – nice blend of professional advice and exercises with fun dose of clothes, style and personal branding. Great presenters and excellent venue!


Executive Coaching Workshop

What made Liz Brunner a stalwart of the Boston news scene for over two decades is the same thing that makes her so effective as a presenter and coach – her ability to connect with people. News anchors don’t just deliver the news; they come into our homes and take a seat at the breakfast table. We’re in Newark, New Jersey, and even without the benefit of having had Liz at our breakfast table for 25 years, she made friends with everyone in the audience the moment she stepped up to the podium.

Geoff Goldberg

Chief Advancement Officer, McCarter & English, Newark, NJ

I will tell other women that if you are in business, this workshop is necessary and vital to the success of their career.

Rachael Rubin

CEO and Founder, Beauty PaRLR and RLR Studio Inc., Framingham, MA

Thank you for taking the time to speak at State Street tonight – I thought it was one of our best events…

Jennifer Chin

State Street, Boston, MA

I will definitely tell other women that this is a great place to start their personal journey.


Executive Coaching Workshop

I have received so many emails and calls to tell me what a great event, some have said it was the best women’s event they have been to. You took the time to tailor your discussion to meet the goal of the event. Your experience and learnings will help women of all ages to “up their game!”

Jill Iacono-Mavro

Managing Director, State Street Global Advisors, Boston, MA

The team at Nasdaq thoroughly enjoyed Liz’s presentation and left the room with actionable takeaways. We would love to use her again here, and would absolutely recommend her to others.


Corporate Team

The content was spot on. [Our students were] encouraged with new tools to take on the world. We are honored that you spent [time] with us!

Susan M. Adams, PhD

Professor of Management and Senior Director, Center for Women & Business at Bentley University, Waltham, MA

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and wisdom with our student fellows. What a special opportunity for them to meet someone of your professional stature and hear your insights around personal branding and communication. I have heard wonderful reviews from both my team and students. Your content was very valuable and engaging. It was a gift for them to talk with you….Thanks so much for your generosity of both your time and spirit.

Betsy Myers

Founding Director of the Center for Women & Business at Bentley University, Waltham, MA

Liz has an extensive range of experience she brings to bear to connect with her clients, and especially her audience in a corporate situation. Her passion and energy to make differences for people emanates, and she is able to connect with people to engage and draw out the best in them. Liz is very versatile and eager to tailor her programs and offerings to the needs of the client. She is genuine in her content delivery to show that she walks the talk on what she is coaching/helping her audience learn!!!!

Susan Esper

Partner, Deloitte & Touche, LLP, Boston, MA

You rocked the house! Wow, what an inspirational and motivating talk.

Nora Yousif

Financial Advisor, RBC Wealth Management, Boston, MA

[Your speech] really struck a chord with me. Thank you for the insight and advice you shared with our group.

Elle Litwinetz

Marketing Manager, Visnick & Caulfield Architecture & Design, Boston, MA

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