If you want to get someone’s attention, just tell them a great story. In our work as Executive Coaches, Liz and I travel the country, using our experience as broadcasters to enhance the skillsets of our clients and the art of storytelling is at the heart of what we teach.

Why are stories so important? Because they create a connection.

Stories form the basis of how we think, how we organize our thoughts and how we remember information. Stories establish trust. Most of all, stories make us feel something. In fact, when a story touches us in some way, it also causes the release of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for sending signals between nerve cells in the brain, affecting our emotions, movements and the sensation of both pleasure and pain.  

The best presenters, the best public speakers are masterful storytellers. The fastest way to influence someone is to appeal to their heart and mind, to work in the narrative. But how do we tell a great story? That’s easy, just start at the end. Ask yourself: what is my goal, the message I am trying to communicate? What do I want to achieve in the telling of my story?  

Once you figure out the ending, it’s time to find a provocative, memorable open that will capture the attention of your audience and hook them into your story. For example, you can:

  • poll the audience
  • make a statement that arouses curiosity
  • ask “why” or “how”
  • share a personal story

The details, the “meat” of the story are what you put in the middle to support your theme or purpose.

The end of the story is your destination. It’s the payoff. It’s why you came.

Storytelling is a powerful business skill to have because it enhances your memorability, it helps you cultivate and establish relationships, makes you better at sales pitches, one on one meetings, conference and video calls. Business stories show us the way toward success and inspire us to take action.

But most of all, in the telling of any story, you become relatable and authentic.  Storytelling is the most primitive way we connect with our potential, find inspiration and create a roadmap toward success.

What’s your story?  

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