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“I feel so much more confident and in control.”

That’s the feedback I just received from one of my clients who, in a new senior executive role at a major investment firm, knew the stakes had been raised.

But coaching is not just for people in senior management positions. Coaching is about gaining perspective, getting feedback and shining a lens on our blind spots. Coaching is about making behavioral changes that lead to increased happiness and success. Coaching is about being the very best version of yourself, as a leader and as a whole person.

The numbers speak for themselves: executive coaching has been shown to provide a 77% improvement in business relationships, a 67% improvement in teamwork, a 61% improvement in job satisfaction and a 48% improvement in quality of life.*

Everyone learns differently and has his/her own unique strengths, weaknesses and professional goals. A good coach can do the following:

  •      Assess individuals’ strengths and challenges
  •      Provide solutions and techniques that will beget positive changes

Ask yourself: how do I plan to achieve my professional goals? If elite athletes and leaders at Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft get coaches, couldn’t we all benefit?

*Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 executives

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