I recently had the tables turned on me when I was NOT the one asking the questions, but was the one being interviewed!  And what a delight it was.  I sat down with Linda Samuels from the URBusiness Network, a fabulous business internet radio network, as a guest on her show, “The Lemonade Stand.”  As you listen to our interview  you’ll get a glimpse into my childhood, and how I ended up in television for nearly three-decades, and how I just launched my own company.

Following our interview, I pondered one question Linda asked of me for which I didn’t have an answer.  Yes, I did have a lemonade stand as a child, but what did I learn from that experience?  In hindsight, I can now see that I was a salesperson from a very early age, and the skills I learned selling lemonade to our neighbors on Mohouli Street in Hawaii have served me well.  I then came upon this good article  about the business lessons kids learn from a lemonade stand.

 Although it may not be the season for ice-cold lemonade as we await winter’s blustery days, the ever so popular refreshing drink will be back on street corners come summer, and just maybe your kids will learn a thing or two about business- and life -with their own lemonade stand.

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