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I’ve got a place in my journal for today’s date:  6/8/16. This is the day I begin working with and for Liz Brunner and Brunner Communications.  We kicked off our first official day together in an Uber at 7:30AM on our way to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Women’s Networking breakfast at the Omni Parker House, featuring our mutual friend, former Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley.  For those of you who are wondering:  yes, Liz does look like a million bucks even that early in the morning.

And you know…it’s amazing to watch Liz as she enters a room.  I know that she teaches executive presence to others, but she is the personification of grace with an open, welcoming smile and absolutely no pretense.  She’s the real deal and I’m not saying that just because I’m her new associate.

We met a million years ago, 11 to be exact…at rehearsals at Symphony Hall.  We were both about to live the dream of singing with Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops.  She sang “I Could Have Danced All Night” and I sang “Somewhere, Over The Rainbow”.  The moment I met her, I knew we would be more than colleagues who respected each other as broadcasters.  Here’s the thing: Liz is my kind of girl and I guess she felt the same way about me.  We decided to stay in touch, and we have.

When I co-founded  Boston Women in Media & Entertainment with event and marketing architect Dayla Arabella Santurri in 2012, Liz agreed to be our EVP and over the years, she has co-hosted our LIVE interview series The Story Behind Her Success with me.  What binds us together is a deep need, a passion to follow our dreams and use our talents not just for our own advancement, but for the advancement of others.  We’re storytellers, we’re interviewers and we are teachers. We’re inspired when we have the chance to watch others shine because of something we may have unlocked in them.

So this morning was our debut as a team and it couldn’t have gone better.  Liz did her magic, introducing me around and thankfully, many women in the room already knew me because of many years on the air in Boston at Magic 106.7.

Martha Coakley is always authentic…always memorable and very funny (yes, she really does have a great sense of humor and she loves to quote lyrics from 70’s and 80’s tunes.)  Here’s a quick re-cap of Martha Coakley’s 10 Rules:

  1. This is not a dress rehearsal.  We learn from our choices AND our mistakes and you can’t get those 24 hours back, so use them well.
  2. Like the old song says:  “You gotta have heart”. The game of life requires passion, so put your heart into it.
  3. If you don’t run, you can’t win…aka:  you never know until you try.  
  4. Confidence comes from experiencing wins and losses
  5. Be prepared for lifelong learning
  6. You define you.  Don’t let anyone else define who you are
  7. Don’t forget rule #6
  8. There is still a glass ceiling.  In fact, there is also a glass ladder and glass walls we all still need to bust through.
  9. Learn to negotiate and when you get into a position of influence or power, don’t forget other women behind you, beside you, above you.
  10. Just like the Cyndi Lauper song says: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Life is too short not to enjoy it. Start living the kind of life people will talk about when you are sitting at your retirement party.  Be more than your job.  Oh, and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

Amen to that, sister. Today is a day for roses.  I think I’ll go buy some…take a nice whiff and spend more than a few minutes feeling grateful.

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