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Publicity BostonAndrea Joy Wenburg

Andrea Joy Wenburg was not taught to speak up. She sought credibility, empowerment. She attended seminary, hoping to find the best way to live, but left with more questions than answers.

But, with time, Andrea found empowerment. She found credibility. She found her voice.

Andrea has dedicated herself to helping other people to find their voices as well through her company, and podcast by the same name, Voice of Influence.

“If I help other people who are specialists find their voice and be able to use it, then I am affecting climate change, then I am affecting gender equality in the world, then I am affecting all these other things. And it’s not because I have a specialization in those things. It’s because I’m just supporting those who are doing the work.” 

Learn more about Andrea at and read her book, Unfrozen.


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