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October:  Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Sheri Prentiss followed her dreams to become a physician, but then, 16 years into her career, a breast cancer diagnosis threw that dream off course. While she beat cancer, one disease morphed into another, preventing her from returning to work as a doctor. 

Faced with uncertainty, L-I-V-E became her new mantra. Sheri recreated herself and dedicated her life to service through her non profit, podcast, and more.

Her book is an honest chronicle of her diagnosis and journey – both the good and the bad. Sheri says: “…when you are real and authentic, and you express those weak moments, people can identify with your weakness because they’re weak in that moment too, and when they’re able to see you on the other side, you now become a testimony.”

You can find her book, When Everything Changed: My Journey from Physician to Patient, here. 

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