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“…at the heart, everything that I do…it’s about the narrative, it’s about the story, it’s finding another way to connect with people.” 

Though we can hardly remember a time we haven’t woken up with her on Good Morning America, where she’s been co-host for the last 15 years, growing up as a young woman in Mississippi, Robin Roberts had dreams of being a professional athlete. Robin’s career evolved from local sports reporter to national sports reporter at ESPN and then on to national news at Good Morning America, and not to movie producer, but there is much more to this inspiring woman off the air. Faced with a cancer diagnosis and a rare blood disease, her mother told her “make your mess your message,” and so she did, sharing her journey with the world. Through great trials and successes, Robin believes that “self-care is not selfish” and continues to pursue in life those things in which she finds joy, living her best life. #liveyourbestlife @robinrobertsgma




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