Storytelling & The Brunner Method

Storytelling & The Brunner Method

Want to get your message across? Perfect the art of storytelling.

Here at Brunner Communications, we understand that the composition of your message is the key to effective communication. We’ll work with you to craft your story – whether in preparation for a specific presentation or public speaking engagement, or to help you communicate effectively in meetings, networking situations and more.

The Brunner Method for practicing will help to ensure that you engage your audience and present yourself and your message with confidence. Learn more.

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Executive Coaching Testimonials

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Thank you again for the coaching and advice as I refined, prepped and rehearsed my value proposition. I do believe that your coaching was a key factor in my success.
TSK, Principal Global Professional Services Firm
My ability to present more effectively and succinctly skyrocketed thanks to Liz Brunner. She helps you focus on the “now” and getting you to connect emotionally to your message. It was a life-changing experience and I will be forever grateful for my time with Liz. I would highly recommend her awesome talents. Ask her about Liz’s 4 C’s and remember them!
Melody Phipps Senior Manager

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