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Student Series: Interview Preparation

Ensure your students are poised for success and prepared to take on the professional world with confidence. Brunner Communications offers “Real-World Ready: Prep for Success,” a highly customized seminar series that gives students the all important toolkit to master professional behaviors and social skills essential for getting the job, keeping the job, and getting ahead. This course can be customized for college students preparing to enter the workforce or high school students preparing for the college process. Watch the video to view Brunner Communications in action!

Executive Coaching Testimonials

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My sessions with Liz Brunner of Brunner Communications [have] been a huge benefit to my communication style. In a class of 8 students, her feedback was personalized and specific. She encouraged us to think about our own style first, then coached us to improve that style. Her session regarding building an elevator speech really pushed me to think about how new people hear what we say; it really allowed me to refine my approach small interactions with people.

Kristin Reynolds

Senior Consultant in NEPC’s Endowment and Foundation Group, NEPC, LLC (Boston)

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