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Public Speaking Services for Individuals & Organizations

Our individual public speaking coaching sessions and workshops are customized to meet your needs, personality and work materials. Whether you are looking to advance in your career, or to address an audience with confidence, we will provide you with the skills for successful speaking. During your engagement with Brunner Communications, our coaches will arm you with the understanding of how to use your voice, achieve more presence, and how to effectively convey any message in any communication situation resulting in more effective, powerful, succinct messaging and engagement through presentations, keynote addresses, speeches and teleconferences.

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Public Speaking Testimonials

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You did a really remarkable job! You have a unique way of connecting with each person in the audience. You are a great teacher.

Linda Samuels

MBA, MSc, UR Business Network

You embody the truly beautiful spirit of community commitment, caring [and] energy. Actors can read lines. Yours is a genuine delivery of honest, heartfelt values.

Dale Bearden

Chief Strategic Officer, Founding investor and Board member, TopSpin Networks

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