Women’s Leadership

Women’s Leadership

Are you a woman in the C-suite or aiming to get there? Do you desire more confidence in your ability to present, to lead, to inspire? Do you need to improve your presentation skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this training is for you.

Our Women’s Leadership programs teach women how to confidently command a room, communicate with purpose among clients and colleagues, and grow into leaders within an organization. Participants will learn how to acquire more executive presence, confidence and credibility, enhance their strengths, identify their weakness to achieve career goals and drive results, raise their presentation skills to a whole new level, learn practical tools to tackle current business challenges and opportunities, and be the kind of leader who inspires others. This program is also available as a workshop.

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Women’s Leadership Training Testimonials

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What made Liz Brunner a stalwart of the Boston news scene for over two decades is the same thing that makes her so effective as a presenter and coach – her ability to connect with people. News anchors don’t just deliver the news; they come into our homes and take a seat at the breakfast table. We’re in Newark, New Jersey, and even without the benefit of having had Liz at our breakfast table for 25 years, she made friends with everyone in the audience the moment she stepped up to the podium.

Geoff Goldberg

Chief Advancement Officer, McCarter & English

I will tell other women that if you are in business, this workshop is necessary and vital to the success of their career.

Rachael Rubin

CEO and Founder, Beauty PaRLR and RLR Studio Inc.

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